Cryptocurrency in the Igaming Space in Africa.

The igaming space in Africa is promising and it’s projected to be one of the biggest if not the biggest in the world in the near future. Keep in mind that Africa is the fastest developing continent and the youngest compared to its peers. By 2050 Africa will be the most populated continent in the world and it will be home to the largest population of youths.

Overall as of today, over 53 million Africans own cryptocurrency, and the financial revolution is now setting its feet in the igaming scope with gamers now actively owning and trading or betting with crypto.


 Crypto popularity in Africa!

Well, the numbers are rising day by day. Crypto is solving the massive problem of financial inclusion. Crypto is freedom! To many Africans’ financial freedom, inclusion, and being banked don’t exist. Today over 53 million Africans have total control of their finances in the form of digital assets. This has led to a gradual growth of a gambling community that is taking advantage of crypto freedom. The top crypto holders in Africa include Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, the Central African Republic, etc.

Gamers now have the power to own skins in games, create NFTs, sell them and bet with crypto. Such freedoms weren’t a thing a few years ago. As of today, crypto is changing the face of gaming in Africa from a leisure affair to a source of income, and employment.

Sports betting with crypto is on the rise why? is a good example of a global platform that allows punters to play with Crypto! Good enough, they are now taking bets from Africa. The crypto betting platform is changing the betting game as we know it. Betting with crypto, there is no limit to how much you can stake, and that directly translates to that there is no limit to the winning as well. With crypto betting, the transaction costs are very low, the betting process is fast and seamless among other benefits. A quotable example is a player on who played casino with half a €2 and made over €?????.?? in form of Crypto within 4 seconds!

The takeaway!

The future of igaming in the continent is crypto. The freedom, the pay-outs, and the unregulated nature which means no government or third party involvement gives players something to want to be part is setting the pace, the numbers of crypto holders are going up and the youth are now taking crypto as a career. In Kenya alone, an excess of 5 million people are crypto owners and 2.5 million are gamblers in one way or the other. Push forward to 10 or 15 years later and crypto is now a norm and crypto betting will be 1, 2, 3….. As far as gaming is thriving in Africa the force of cryptocurrency in the sector isn’t a spot to miss. Join sports and be part of the future.

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Converting your money back to Fiat 

With the emergence of Exchanges such as Binance, Remitano, Coinbase, etc, you can now convert your crypto coins back to fiat in seconds. This is made possible through Peer to Peer changes that are available on these exchanges. It’s an easy, transparent, and seamless process that any person who has a smartphone can use.

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