Kenya is a betting citadel in Africa, Online, retail, and casinos where is the money at, in Kenya for operators and potential investors?

Kenya has a population of 57 million people as of 2022, that’s a rise of almost 2% since 2021. One thing that stands out is that 75% of Kenyans are youths ranging between the ages of 15 and 35. We all know the advantages of a youthful population and the energy they come with.  This has led to the spontaneous growth of a gambling ecosystem in Kenya that boasts of up to 57% of the total population having engaged in gambling in one way or the other. Keep in mind that 10% of Kenyan gamblers play every day.

Online, Casino, and Retail, as a provider which way do you go in Kenya

Well, the boom of the industry in Kenya was highly influenced by internet penetration in the country. In Kenya today it’s estimated that almost all adults own or have the means to access a smartphone. This added to the fact that almost all youths in the country are “online literate” and can easily use the internet has opened doors for betting utopia.

Online betting in Kenya is number one compared to the other two. There is an excess of 100 betting platforms that are competing in the market, despite the numbers the populous country is yet to be fully tamed. With the existence of smartphones and readily available internet which is proving to be cheap and free at a times betting online is not a problem for many.

Retail shops have their feet in the country as well. Kenya has up to five major cities that include Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Machakos, and Nakuru. Retail shops in these cities on average can see up to 2000 customers per day. With the current fast urbanizations, rural infrastructure growth, and the ease of being served readily in shops the numbers are going up by the day.

Casinos in the country operate and with a license, you will start one as well. The current trend though is incorporating your sports betting platform with casino slots and operating them as one.

Casino games and virtual games are gaining fame in the ecosystem. Youths are playing real-time virtual games that see them winning with minutes.

What is pushing the growth of the gambling community and why is there still more market to tap into in Kenya?

Gambling in the country is a source of income for some. To others, it’s for pleasure. Middle-class gamblers are now venturing into casino dens for fun. Economic state, with the current tough times’ youths and young adults, are choosing to bet to make ends meet. Another reason is that Gambling is yet to be fully regulated in the country by the government. Comparing Kenya with the other East African countries, for example, Tanzania, making it in Kenya is most likely.

Investing in Kenya will need a mixture of all three to capture the whole market. Incorporate casino games into your platform and start retail shops if possible in the country’s major cities. Easy-to-navigate platforms and ready-to-serve customer service are key for you to make it in the country.

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